iCal/Apple Calendar App

I use Apple’s calendar and I really would love a way to have this on my Tidbyt. Using the calendar sharing link (webcal) it could get the day’s events and display them.

Google Calendar doesn’t work for this as the Tidbyt app doesn’t display “subscribed” calendars, only native ones.

I will look into this.
Just tried with one of my calendars and I can see the data when using the sharing link.

This might take some time because I need to write a parser for handling the format that Apple uses to expose the calendar data. Reading individual events seems easy enough, but recurring events will be a little more challenging. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I just found out that there’s already a Tidbyt app called “Universal iCal” that is compatible with Apple calendars.

You just need to change the webcal at the start of sharing link to https, so instead of webcal://p43-caldav.icloud... it will be https://p43-caldav.icloud....

HOWEVER, I also found out that this app has a bug, so it’s not going to work in it’s current state. :frowning:

I will submit a correction, but it might take some days for the Tidbyt team to approve it.

@nathanfoley it’s fixed!
You can now use the Universal iCal app with Apple calendars!

Just remember to change the calendar link to https as mentioned above.