I just received my Tidbyt, a couple of observations

Setup was so easy, quite literally up and running in seconds. The hardware is very professionally finished and looks fantastic

The weather widget is nice, I like the side scroll, ideally I would like it to show current summary, then maybe the next 2, 4 & 6 hours, then the next 3 days or so. All in the one selection.

The news feeds are a little disappointing. It doesn’t seem to be happy when I try and add multiple news sources, ie NYT US news, BBC world news. I only seem to get one or two headlines over the course of a day and it doesn’t seem to want to show info from both, only one.

Is there a way of pointing it to an existing RSS feed and tell it to show the top 5 or 10 or something?

Is there a plan to build some kind of app store for user submitted content?

Thanks, David

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More news feeds or rss feeds would be nice. Just don’t like the news headlines of the NYT and BBC is pretty world centric and not us centric.

I real the WSJ & Washington Post

Follow a Twitter feed of someone ELSE would make news very easy. I could follow my favorite news org.

Following a particular feed or hashtag would be ideal, good idea

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