I bricked it! -- Nope, just reprogrammed my TidByt! :(

I likely will need to contact someone at TidByt, but wanted to post here to warn folks -

I literally got my TidByt today, and set it up on my desk. I did not use the wall-wart, since I had an available USB-C plug on my USB Hub.

I happen to be working on a garage-door controller keypad entry little project, and am using VisualMicro (a Visual Studio plugin for VS2022 and Arduino environment work). Only mentioning this since I am not sure if the same thing would have occurred using the Arduino IDE or not.

Went to upload my sketch, after plugging in my Heltec Wifi Kit 32 (ST32 based board), apparently it pinged the TibByt, and set it into bootloader mode or something. (The upload DID complete successfully - ON my garade door ST32 board.)

But, now, the TidByt won’t boot up - leaving me with either a black screen, or lit with a couple random noise dots on the screen.

So, ah - beware having your TidByt plugged into your USB Hub when developing on other systems! :smiley:

Edit to add: Okay, actually, it DID upload my Garage Door code to the TidByt. Plugging it in and opening the serial console gives me my code’s debug output.

Whoops. :smiley:

@Cohote Merry Christmas, you are the proud owner of the world’s first Tidbyt garage door opener :joy:

We’ll need to get you the production firmware to load back onto your Tidbyt. I’ll take a look when I’m back in the office and see how we can get this resolved.


Hey, no rush - this was purely a user-caused issue.
Have a great holiday!

And now I’m wondering if I can have my Garage Door controller send a serial connection to one of my servers or something to be able to have the TidByt now display who’s code was entered in last and when. :smiley:

OK, so this is a bit tricky since I’m guessing the Arduino IDE overwrote our partition table, bootloader, and everything else.

Tidbyt isn’t actually running on Arduino, but rather an ESP32. We’re working on a tool to restore or upgrade the firmware of a device through a web browser, but unfortunately it’s not yet ready.

@Cohote How handy are you with a screwdriver? If I send you a replacement circuit board, would you be able to swap it out? You’ll need a screwdriver with Torx T8 and T10 bits.

I was actually programming a ESP32 board (technically, this one: WiFi Kit 32 – Heltec Automation ) So not sure if the bootloader was wiped or not. (Likely would be difficult to tell.)

As for taking it apart, can do. I’ve worked on pinball, arcade, and vending machines most of my life so I can handle a T8/T10 screw. :slight_smile:

Let me know which email is best to contact you all, and I’ll forward my shipping info, and then send my board back to ya’ll.


Ah, that explains why Arduino IDE got confused :slight_smile:

Please email the details over to [email protected]

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Emnail sent. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Have a great new year!