How to remove apps once installed

Hello, new user here and super happy so far. However, I accidentally installed 2 of the same app and I can’t delete one - I only have the option to mute or pin. Please help. Thanks!

To confirm, have you tapped on the second one (tap, not press and hold), scrolled down, and the red “Remove” link is not there? Sometimes the “remove” gets cropped off the screen on either smaller phone screens or applets with longer settings options…

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Hi there, new (and so far very happy!) Tidbyt user. I have this same problem - I have 2 of the same app installed via the API and only have the Pin and Mute options. Is there an pixlet command or something to remove the app?

Did you try tapping on the app and then clicking on the red “Remove” under where it says “Unlike a regular Tidbyt app, this ‘installation’ was pushed … via Tidbyt’s API?”

The “Pin” and “Remove” options come when you hold the the tap on the app. Try just tapping on it without holding.

Yep that worked, thank you!