How to iterate through a list

I’m creating a dictionary filled with people’s name and birthdate- is it possible to iterate through it, looking at each item’s value? Or should I use a list? I can’t seem to find any methods for iteration.

Yes it’s possible using the dictionary’s keys() method.

You really should take a look at Starlark’s documentation as it has the answers to most of these things:


# supposing your dictionary looks like this
birthdays = {
  "John": "05/01/1980",
  "Jack": "04/03/1991"

for name in birthdays.keys():
  birth_date = birthdays[name]
  print(name + "'s birthday is at " + birth_date)

# will print two lines:
#  John's birthday is at 05/01/1980
#  Jack's birthday is at 04/03/1991