Homey + Tidbyt

Hello there! I just got my Tidbyt and love it!

One thing I want to do is integrate it with my Homey Pro ( Homey Pro - the world's most advanced smart home hub. ). Homey has a nice SDK for developing apps but it also has Homey scripts which allow you write JavaScript and execute it ( HomeyScript App for Homey | Homey ).

My goal for the integration is to have the ability to send Tidbyt messages from Homey. For instance, if someone opened the door have a notification.

My initial thought was I can just call a REST API with a token and message and it would just show it but it doesn’t seem to be that easy. I’m a developer so I should be able to piece this together but I was curious if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks!

You’ll need a way to generate a webp or gif image and then push to the tidbyt api via https. If you have access to linux vps or container somewhere then you can host a little service that accepts your alert string, converts to an image (eg with pixlet) then pushes to the tidbyt via tidbyt’s API.

If you can generate a gif within the homeyscript environment then you might be able to do everything inside the Homey device (which would be awesome). Seems it might be possible to run a docker container within homey but I have no idea about that. It does looks like a pretty powerful hub.

It has SSH so maybe I could get it to happen on the same box - https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/6673376100508-Getting-started-with-the-SSH-Experiment. Do you think this could pull it off?

For those interested, I found the following that I’m going to try out when I get a chance.