HomeKit integration

Would be cool to see a summary of the number of lights on, doors windows open, thermostat temp for a home. Very similar to the new lock screen widget


I do something similar with my Sensibo temp sensors through the house. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, just use an available API to get the data and then push to tidbyt. GitHub - brianrhall/Tidbyt-Sensibo: Tidbyt integration with Sensibo devices

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Homekit integration would be a huge win for the product as a whole. It pushes a Tidbyt into the smart ecosystem realm. I would love to be able to make custom automation for my Tidbyt like when I turn on my Apple Home lights the Tidbyt screen shows an update popup or something like that. Also, be able to see the light and temperature status of the home is huge.

If Tidbyt wants to lean into this, they could even look into selling addons for Tidbyts like a button board which can run Homekit automations or some sort of code with custom apps.

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Seems this previous thread has more info about it: Home kit integration - #2 by rohan

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