Homebridge Plugin

Hi @ToWn3r

From your last screenshot, it looks like you’ve moved the entire pixlet source folder into /usr/local/bin. What we wanted to do was move the built binary there instead.

Move the source back to your home directory

> sudo mv /usr/local/bin/pixlet /home/pi/pixlet

Build pixlet:

> cd /home/pi/pixlet 
> sudo PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin GOPATH=$HOME/golang make build
> sudo mv pixlet /usr/local/bin/pixlet

Ahh i think i figured out the missing step.
After sudo PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin GOPATH=$HOME/golang make build
I had to cd /home/pi/pixlet/build/out then sudo mv pixlet /usr/local/bin/pixlet

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I’ve built this out a bit more here:

I’ve just released v0.5.0 of the Homebridge Plugin with a new feature: Background Pushes!

When configuring a Custom App, you can now enable the Push To Background option.

Additionally, if you’ve enabled the Refresh on Startup option, the initial updates will be pushed to the background to avoid the first-run pile up effect.

PS - To add this feature, I’ve implemented this useful new feature in v1.0.0 of the node-tidbyt client.


I have my own workflow to push stuff to my Tidbyts but this seemed to be a nice alternative for doing it myself. However, it appears to me that my Tidbyts not only have their own device id, but also their own api tokens, even though I am managing them from the same device. So, this Homebridge plugin doesn’t work for me because it assumes that all Tidbyts have the same api token.

Edit: According to https://tidbyt.dev/docs/tidbyt-api/ZG9jOjE1MDYwNzc-guide, this is by design:

Each API key is scoped to a specific device and is valid for one year. If a key is compromised, the device that it’s associated with must be reset.

Hi @franklin!

Thanks for your interest in the Homebridge plug-in. Good catch regarding the API keys! I totally missed that. I’ll publish an update that stores the API key at the device level instead.

Great! I look forward to your update! :slight_smile: I understand your assumption though, that API tokens would be account specific and not device specific. I don’t see why we would need a device ID if API tokens are already device specific. Probably some technical debt.

I’ve just published version 0.6.5 which adds true multiple device support!

I’ve adjusted the configuration schema to accommodate an API key per device, but it will require that you re-enter your API key for your original device under the Devices section before the plugin is usable again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As a side note, I’m happy to report that the plugin is now Verified by the Homebridge team.