Home Assistant integration

Hi Tidbyt enthousiast,

If it could be integrated with Home Assistant the possibility’s would be endless.

Just a few ideas through HA
-sending a notification to Tidbyt
(So it will display when garbage gets collected)
-warnings if sensors detect something
-what’s playing on Sonos
-weather updates (temperature, rain and UV)

I heard it could be done through the Rest integration, donno if that’s the best way to do it and if that would cover the above.

Hi @Duff78,
I’m not a Tidbyt owner, but I believe this could be easily done via REST API or even just using the push command from Pixlet, and using Home Assistant automations/Node Red.

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I would also suggest such things as a Ring Thermostat. I dont know if that falls under smart home systems or just the ring ecosphere. But something similar to a smart thermostat.

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