Hide NYC subway trains arriving before X minutes

I recently received my Tidbyt and I love it! One feature request:

In the NYC Subway app, I’d like the ability to hide trains that arrive below X number of minutes. Here’s why:

I currently use the NYC Subway app to show trains arriving at my station. And currently, the app works as expected: It shows me the next 2 arriving trains. Seems great.

But here’s the thing: I live a 5 min walk from the nearest subway station, so I really only need to see trains that are arriving after 5 minutes. Any train that’s arriving between now and 4 min. is useless to me, and it’s just taking up a row on the screen that could show an actual useful train.

Here’s what I propose: A setting in the NYC subway app that lets users hide trains that arrive below a certain time frame. (In my case, 5 minutes.) That way, we’ll only see useful trains.

Thanks Tidbyt community!

I feel the same way! I walk a fair amount to my closest subway station. Would be nice to have this feature.

+1 for the request, either ‘only show trains more than x minutes away’ or ‘show all trains arriving within the next y mins’ with multiple screens would be very useful since it takes a bit to get to the station!

Yes, this would be a great feature for all transit apps! I use the Washington Metro app, for example.

+1 for this feature! Right now the subway app is useful for vaguely answering the question, “Are the trains running or not?” But can’t actually help me catch a specific train, for the reasons stated above.

Came here to suggest something similar. Either this solution or a feature that can cycle through the next 4 departing trains would be great.