Hide NYC subway trains arriving before X minutes

I recently received my Tidbyt and I love it! One feature request:

In the NYC Subway app, I’d like the ability to hide trains that arrive below X number of minutes. Here’s why:

I currently use the NYC Subway app to show trains arriving at my station. And currently, the app works as expected: It shows me the next 2 arriving trains. Seems great.

But here’s the thing: I live a 5 min walk from the nearest subway station, so I really only need to see trains that are arriving after 5 minutes. Any train that’s arriving between now and 4 min. is useless to me, and it’s just taking up a row on the screen that could show an actual useful train.

Here’s what I propose: A setting in the NYC subway app that lets users hide trains that arrive below a certain time frame. (In my case, 5 minutes.) That way, we’ll only see useful trains.

Thanks Tidbyt community!

I feel the same way! I walk a fair amount to my closest subway station. Would be nice to have this feature.

+1 for the request, either ‘only show trains more than x minutes away’ or ‘show all trains arriving within the next y mins’ with multiple screens would be very useful since it takes a bit to get to the station!

Yes, this would be a great feature for all transit apps! I use the Washington Metro app, for example.

+1 for this feature! Right now the subway app is useful for vaguely answering the question, “Are the trains running or not?” But can’t actually help me catch a specific train, for the reasons stated above.

Came here to suggest something similar. Either this solution or a feature that can cycle through the next 4 departing trains would be great.

Working off this same idea, instead of listing just the next train in X minutes, there is space to show at least three trains per direction, like:

1m, 3m, 10m
3m, 15m, 22m


I added the app twice, each in only one direction. This lets me see subsequent trains, but only because I use a station with 1 service. Would not help if you have multiple.
But I like @eae’s idea better.

I would love if it listed out the next three arrival times, super useful for knowing which trains you can realistically take in the immediate future. There is plenty of pixel space for it to fit too

This is exactly what I’m looking for which I get from TransSee but it isn’t as effective because you have to push the data to the Tidbyt from the computer every time.

  1. hide if arrival is before X minutes
  2. option to choose one train line in selected station instead of defaulting to show all trains, this way you get the most out of the train predictions because you only see the list of the train arrivals for the train that you need. (I can’t take the M to where I need to go so I only want to see J predictions for my station.)
  3. Two or three pages of train predictions just like the overhead MTA signs to show you multiple inbound trains.

Ideally you need to see 3 or 4 incoming trains and can skip the ones that will arrive before you get there.

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