Hello_World Error

I’ll preface this that I am new to coding so I’m sure this is user error and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I installed Pixlet with no issues and was using the “Hello World” example - I put it in a document and changed the file extension to .star on my desktop (I’m using a mac if that makes any difference). When I follow the steps and run “Pixlet serve hello_world.star”, I receive the following error: error loading applet: failed to load applet: starlark.ExecFile: hello_world.star:1:3: stray backslash in program

Like I said, I copied it exactly multiple times and I keep getting the same error. Not sure if I’m creating the .star file incorrectly or something else.

The hello_world code I’m using in the .star file is below:
load(“render.star”, “render”)

def main():
return render.Root(
child = render.Text(“Hello, World!”)

Any help is welcome!

Fixed it! For anyone else who is really new and may have this problem. I ended up solving the issue by creating a .txt file within Word and then changing it to a .star file. When I was doing it through the other programs, it was initially creating a .rtf file and I’m guessing through the conversion, there was some stray backlashes that were going into the star file.

You might want to use a raw text editor as opposed to a word processor that has formatting. RTF is secretly xml that includes a bunch of formatting directives, and it would have been obvious to see what was wrong in a text editor. Check out Sublime Text, a free app for text editing, should help you out a lot. It’s one of my core work apps (I’m a software engineer).