HDK Display brightness

The HDK seems to be missing a way to adjust brightness, any way this can be added? Initially ive adjusted some apps and manually changed the colors and added day / nite so the pc running the pixlet render just calls the right one based on time, however, for apps like accuweather.star its a bunch of graphics that I would have to manually edit tho doable, not helpful. Any ideas what can be done when HDK used?

The HUB75 library has a setBrightness function :
matrix.setBrightness8(brightness); //0-255
but the question is how would you signal to the tidbyt that you need a lower brightness if all it is doing is fetching a webp from a server ?

Maybe you could pass a flag in the filename somehow.

So, maybe since the firmware is configued to look for a specific file example preview.webp, have it also look for a file with a .cfg or what ever and have it if exists processes the option in this use case matrix.setBrightness8(xxx) is infile, that may help withany new enhancemets later, like for example allowing the polling interval instead of the static time. with that inmind a secondary request would be a list of webp to be processed sequentially, on the the read interval it cycle threw the list.

I’ve updated the hdk to handle this and other items i wanted so issue closed.

wend webp added buttons to click or just curl to device /day or /nite,

added other options
/update go get url - help with time vbeing horribly wrong. croned to run everyminute on xx seconds
/auto enablethe auto refresh
/manual stop the auto update every x seconds

/upd—day || /upd-nite one curl runs both the call to brightness the the url call

/restart - self explainatory

/off turn display off (brightness=0)

/alternate get alternate url instead of t)r_u. also a env varn
most chane in main.c. pre.py adds, gfx needs couple new declares .

Where is the code ? Do you have a fork ?