Hardware repurposing

My device bit the bullet the other day, but thankfully I had nothing but a good customer service experience with getting a replacement organised. But now I have a new paperweight.

Later this year I was hoping to transplant the inside of the T2 into the case of the T1 but in the meantime though, are there any resources around regarding re-using the panel with other projects? AFAIK, the panel is fine, the rest, notosomuch.

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It’s a hub75 led panel. lots of web resources out there. 64x32 RGB LED Matrix - 3mm pitch : ID 2279 : $44.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Oh, excellent! I should have actually looked at the board first. Not too complicated at all.

Do you know why it died per chance? Or did the customer service people provide any indication? I’ve seen quite a few posts in the last few days that this has happened, so curious what’s going on?

No idea. The thing has been sitting in the same spot for months. Well-ventilated, the power supply is solid and sits behind a UPS, probably operating in much more ideal conditions than most. Customer service didn’t get me to do much testing, aside from the usual soft and hard reboots, switching over power supplies etc. They didn’t mention anything specific or hint at anything.

It started showing random lines, dropping in and out of wifi, and eventually, it froze, only displaying lines. the last time I powered it up, it was completely dead. Feels like something was on its way out and eventually fried. I assume it would be a straightforward fix.

The panel works fine, but that’s the only component I tested. I have plans for the case, which involves dumping the insides, so I haven’t had a proper look at the rest of it.

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Cool cool, thanks for the response. Interesting (and a little scary)! Glad it was replaced though.