[hardware] Frame Tap Zones, Next/Prev/Pause/etc

I placed my Tidbyt on my desk, and it can be distracting for me sometimes when the display changes to the next visualization. It might be fun to consider “tap” zones on the left and the right of the top of the frame, even with double-tap, that could be customized.

You could use these to turn off or wake the screen, pause or start the cycle, skip to the next or previous display. I don’t know the details of the internals, of course, but lots of us are used to tapping on these home devices, (my family included). Thought it would be interesting to propose for this or a future version.

Thanks for all you’re doing! Keep up the amazing!


Once the hardware development kit is released you’ll be able to flash your own firmware and could add your own sensor inside the enclosure to detect taps.

Rock on. Thanks, looking forward to that!

I was thinking about this today. Thought I might try a Flic button. One tap to advance. Double tap to jump to a configured app like the clock. Long tap to hold the display. Lots of buttons for stuff like this, but Flic would just need a webhook or could be configured with something like IFTTT.