Google Tasks Integration


Just backed it yesterday and the option to code is awsome.

Would be great to integrate it with google calendar or google task or hangout. My problem is usually the OAuth integration - I don’t have a google development account and don’t have the patience for this type of integration.

Also I know it does’t fit the idea but 2-3 Buttons would be awsome. E.g. Complete Task.


Hi Chris, welcome to the Tidbyt community!

We’ve got Google Calendar integration already actually. It shows your next event, or if you’re in a meeting it’ll show you how much longer until it’s over.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 15.22.36
Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 15.22.47

Looks like Tasks has an API as well so that could be added as well, probably with a very minimal amount of code.

You are correct that OAuth integration is a pain :confused: Fortunately after spending way too much time reading specs and setting up endpoints and callbacks and other Rube Goldberg contraptions… we have a pretty simple way to integrate any Tidbyt app with any service that is gated by OAuth 2.0. That’s what we use for Google Calendar, Spotify, GitHub, etc.

I don’t see us adding buttons, at least not in this version. If you have a separate smart button that connects to Google and/or to the Tidbyt API, that would totally work though.