Google Fit Step Counter

Hello, I’ve been playing (learning) Google FIT APIs and Developed this Basic Daily Step Counter/Display. The App requires a Google Client ID, App Secret and Oauth Refresh Token. Tidbyt part was pretty easy. Pulling the data out of Google took some learning. I run this every 30 mins via Cron so it keeps up to date. Enjoy and apologize in advance for the rookie coding style.

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You should submit this to the community repo to get published so that others can use it!

Thanks @AmillionAir and will definitely plan to do that once I make it easy for users to supply credentials for their Google account.

Be sure. To check out the available list of scema fields top help with that

Thanks @AmillionAir - will check it out.

@AmillionAir - had a chance to dig through the documentation. Overall I get the jist of it and will get started this weekend. One piece of information I didn’t see. How do I test and debug with the Mobile app? I’m sure there will be a few debug cycles to sort out Schema and the Oauth sequence.

Hey Matt,

There is currently no de-bugging available for anything schema related, however @mark has shown off a few pics on discord and he is very close to having a finished real time editor made.

The best thing to do now is make the app with out schamas then add them in when its finished and just explain during your Pull Request on Github what it looks like and what its supposed to do. In all honesty id just wait for MArk to finish he is really freaking close to being done.

Also join our discord server if you have any other questions! Discord Server!

Activated my Discord account. See you there @AmillionAir. Thanks for all the help.