Google Calendar - Calendar Selection

The Google Calendar integration is a great idea, but has a few things lacking unfortunately. It appears that the Tidbyt will only pull from the default calendar for the account. Most people actually have multiple calendars that they display for their account.

Can the app be made to display all calendars linked to an account?

Or can we at least have the option to select the calendar we want to be used for the app? Since we can have multiple instances of the app on the Tidbyt, the user can then select different calendars for each instance.


Support for shared Google calendars would be fantastic. We put the Tidbyt in our kitchen. We have a shared family calendar. It would be very helpful if this thing could display those events.

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There is an older thread here where another user provided some code for making your own app that integrates chosen google calendars. I was lazier than that - I created a new gmail account and shared the calendars I wanted to see with that account. Then I tied the new acount to the Tidbyt app.

I don’t understand how that works around the issue. It’s shared calendars that I’m not able to see.

Can you possibly provide a link to that thread? I have not found it.


I assume what they mean is they forward all their shared calendar entries to this separate Google account to that they all show up on the Tidbyt-connected calendar. Not ideal, but better than nothing I suppose.

Also I would like the ability to see my next event on my calendar regardless of how far it is. Seeing the next 3-4 events regardless of how far out would be a nice addition.

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