Golf Handicap App "General API Error"

Hi! I recently added the new Golf Handicap app to my Tidbyt, but when I enter my handicap index and last name, I’m getting a “General API Error” appearing on the Tidbyt. Not sure if others have experienced, or the issue might be related to my individual handicap index. Appreciate any help you can provide!

I’m experiencing the same issue. It seemed to work briefly the first day and the next morning it said General API Error.

@IPv6Freely heads up

Hi, I’m the developer who wrote this app. Unfortunately it seems the GHIN API has gone down. Hopefully they fix it soon. It’s not your app :slight_smile:

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The API seems responsive from what I see . Did they just disable the access token?

They actually seem to have disabled their /public endpoint. All API calls must be authenticated, now.