Gold tickers

Anyone else using any of the “precious metal” tracker/tickets none of them seem to be working checking to see if anyone else is having the same problems

Thanks Lootzo for bringing this to the forum. I have been using the GoldpriceTicker for some time for both gold and silver and realized they were down a week or so ago. On a lark I found/tried the Precious Metals app and used it successfully for a few days before it also quit working.

It’s odd that all these display in my app queue (though not necessarilly with the correct data); they all now refuse to show up on the tidbyt however.

Been under the gun on a project and hadn’t gotten around to posting about this but very happy that Lootzo took the time to do so. Thanks!

Yeah having the same exact problem hope there’s a fix soon or a new app developed without any issues.

Looks like both apps use the api at and it is throwing bad gateway code 502 which usually means something broke on their end. Is there another source for this information ?

Yeah kinda sucks cause I really only use Tidbyt to keep track of precious metals for my shop anyone got any other solutions or apps, other stock “tickers” don’t have precious metals built into it.

It’s such a widely known piece of info send like we could update the app the web scrape the data instead of API access it. Is there a government site that shows the info?

Looks like the price is included in without any ajax calls or cookie requirements.

EDIT. found this.

curl 130

{“ts”:1693344876344,“tsj”:1693344875202,“date”:“Aug 29th 2023, 05:34:35 pm NY”,“items”:[{“curr”:“USD”,“xauPrice”:1937.49,“xagPrice”:24.707,“chgXau”:16.295,“chgXag”:0.4955,“pcXau”:0.8482,“pcXag”:2.0465,“xauClose”:1921.195,“xagClose”:24.2115}]}%

I fixed precious_metals and issued a pull request. goldticker will take a lot more work to migrate to a new api source though because it has a fancy chart and closing prices.

It’s live on my tidbytmanager platform if you need it right away.

Thanks for the help still to no avail neither one is up or running fingers crossed it’s fixed or someone makes another app for it

Im the author of GoldpriceTicker. I use it all the time too and have been very irritated with the API, although I can’t complain too much as its free.

Im working on a fix for it by migrating to a paid API that I hope has better uptime, and plan to add some additional metals to it. Any suggestions on metals to add?

Sounds great hope it goes according to plan and everything is up and running soon please keep me updated.
Rhodium would be a nice add to that.
Thanks for all your doing it’s greatly appreciated.

I got the account setup with the commercial API. Only issue is their time series is daily for a month, instead of intraday. So yesterday I wrote a consumer that fetches the prices every few minutes and pops it into a database. Next step is to create my own API that will generate the intraday timeseries and mimic what the other API that keeps breaking used to do. Unfortunately its a holiday weekend so not a lot of price action to test stuff.

I have a day job that keeps me very very busy, but I hope to have this all wrapped up in a week or so.

No problem, I’ll add Rhodium. I can ask for 5 symbols per call, so itll be Gold, plat, silver, palladium and rhodium.

Code is done and i’ve got a pull request in waiting for approval.
I wrote an entire new API.

Rhodium doesn’t seem to have a lot of price action, its gonna be a boring graph.

Looks like copilot wrote a poem about your PR

Looks like the code is live. Let me know any issues.

Any chance of getting copper in there instead?

I pay for the API feed out of my own pocket and have a limited number of calls I can make every month. That said, now that its been running for a while I can see that I have some spare capacity. I’ll look at adding copper.

Had some time this morning so I added it to my backend api collector as well as submitted a pull request to update the tidbyt app