Gif playback speed

After tinkering around and making some custom water sim gifs in blender, I’ve noticed some interesting behavior with how the native gif upload app works when sending gifs from your phone. I’m not sure if it’s intentional but the playback speed between frames seems to speed up and slow down in waves, where the top speed switching between each wave is determined by the length of the gif. If you upload a gif that has say 500 frames, some of the frames will actually get dropped and not be displayed. however if you upload a gif that has around 300 frames, no frames will be dropped but that speed ramp still exists.

so questions: Is there a ‘optimal’ gif length that will negate this speed ramp assuming it’s to play a gif within a specified time? if so, what is the max play time? Is there any way to add the ability to play longer gifs back in linear speed?

…After further testing to see if I had any different results using a render.Image() to push the encoded data, it looks like I might just be pushing the bounds pixlet. After trying to serve the app locally it’s missing a ton of data from frames that might not be updating. I’ve attached the gif itself if you guys want to do some testing and find the limits of the software.

the gif itself is 64x32 native resolution with 500 frames and a 256 sRGB color table


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