Getting my community app published


Is there any reason why my MBTA departures app isn’t yet available in the app catalog? Anything I can do to help?


After an app has been merged it undergoes internal testing. After the testing is complete then it’s published to the app.

There’s a bit of a delay, but @mark posts in discord community channel when new things are released to the app

@rohan Hi! Do you have any information on the status of this app?

@marcusb Hey! Here’s the current release blocker that @mark ran into while testing:

  • mbta: When I pick a location, it always tells me “No current departures”. For exmaple, I pick a stop in Cambridge, and I can never get it to display departures

I was able to repro just now as well. If we can get this fixed, then we can release it.

Sorry we don’t really have a standard process yet for communicating this stuff, mostly it gets posted to the #community channel in Discord.

Ok, it’s a bit hard to test the location settings in pixlet, but I found a bug, hopefully that fixes it.

Hmm come to think of it that PR was probably incorrect. I’m not sure how I can reproduce your test. Just running it with “pixlet serve” works and shows departures for the default stop, but pixlet doesn’t allow me to pick another stop.

It also works if I hard-code some other stop. I assume you’ve tried it in daytime when there are supposed to be departures?