Frequent restarts

I am noticing my Tidbyt restart frequently. It will be scrolling through apps as normal, then a few of the lights will flash very brightly, it will turn off, and reboot to the “connecting…” screen. Are there logs I can examine or anything else to try to diagnose this? I’ve returned to the same two apps I initially was using without problem to see if maybe the problem was a new app, but the symptom is the same.

I see this as well, but maybe once every day or once every two days. I’m glad it auto reboots instead of just sitting in a crash state for hours… But understanding why it’s crashing is helpful.

I think I’ve noticed that before the crash it’s been scrolling through my twitter feed.

Just a guess, but maybe a memory allocation issue or race condition as that is an animated app vs. many of the other ones are states.

This is more like multiple times per hour.

Just bumping this- I’m still seeing my tidbyt brightly flash and get dumped to the connection screen frequently, and don’t see a way to get access to any kind of log to troubleshoot.

One theory I have is that the tidbyt is bouncing between different nodes (I have a mesh wifi setup) - I do notice it not always connecting to the same one. (Update- I bound the Tidbyt to one node, but it’s still restarting/reconnecting a lot)

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I am having the same exact issue, the disconnect/re-connect happens multiple times per hour. I am only using the stocks app and the weather/clock.

I’m getting this, too. It’s been working fine since I got it, but today it started doing the restarting with the strange ultrabright pixels. Any ideas?

It works normally when I plug it directly into my phone… maybe a power issue? I’ve been running it off my computer’s USB, but maybe I should stop.

New to the community, just received my two devices. Both units are restarting pretty frequently, but aside from that I am really enjoying my new devices and happy to help diagnose the issue if I can be helpful.

I have this as well, pretty much happening every 2-3 minutes without fail. I believe it gets through an entire cycle of my apps and reboots.

Hey all. I suspect we probably have a couple of different causes here.

First up, we do know that something like 1% of the USB cables/power adapters we sent out were unfortunately defective :frowning: If that’s the case for you, please email [email protected] and we can get you a replacement. One good way to test this out is wiggle both ends of the USB cable and see if that triggers the restart.

For issues where you’re seeing continual restarts every few minutes (@seanmetzgar), it would be really helpful to get a copy of the diagnostic logs of your device when it restarts:

With that we can see if there is some error occurring, or if the CPU is short on power, or whatever else might be happening.

Excellent, I’ll get that diagnostic data tonight and send it over. Thanks for the quick reply.

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Thanks! I sent in a log.

I am getting a similar behavior recently, with frequent restarts/connecting, and it doesn’t seem to be the USB cable. I also sometimes get full crashes (attaching a couple of photos in case that helps - but I can only attach one). I’ll also try to collect diagnostics that you mentioned in a previous response.

Actually, I think it was the new “weather map”. I removed it and my Tidbyt hasn’t crashed or rebooted ever since. Is it actually possible that’s the case or just a coincidence?

This bug has been open for over a month now, and is really freaking annoying. Is there any update yet?

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This is a tough one because there have been a few different issues that manifest as the same thing. In some cases it was an issue with a WiFi router, in other cases a hardware issue.

We’ve generally been able to fix this on a case-by-case basis though. If you are able to email over details about your specific case to [email protected], we can get it solved.

I’m also seeing a lot of restarts. I’ve changed out USB-C power adapter and cables and have now set a restart daily. Should I look to pack up logs and send them in for assistance?

Yup having the logs is generally the best way to troubleshoot.

It looks like this continues to be a problem. Does anyone from the company read these comments?

Well, here we are again…a year later, and my Tidbyt just started doing these resets. It came about after a 2-day power outage caused by winter weather. I had no issues whatsoever before, but now, it is leaving a few REALLY bright LEDs on the screen randomly, then it goes to the ‘RECONNECTING…’ screen. It pings around for 15-30 seconds and reconnects…but it’s now doing it several times an hour. I have a lot of customized apps and would really prefer not to reset, but short of obtaining the diag logs, does anyone have any ideas? I’ve had this thing for almost a year now, and I’d really like for it to stabilize again!