Frequent restarts

I am noticing my Tidbyt restart frequently. It will be scrolling through apps as normal, then a few of the lights will flash very brightly, it will turn off, and reboot to the “connecting…” screen. Are there logs I can examine or anything else to try to diagnose this? I’ve returned to the same two apps I initially was using without problem to see if maybe the problem was a new app, but the symptom is the same.

I see this as well, but maybe once every day or once every two days. I’m glad it auto reboots instead of just sitting in a crash state for hours… But understanding why it’s crashing is helpful.

I think I’ve noticed that before the crash it’s been scrolling through my twitter feed.

Just a guess, but maybe a memory allocation issue or race condition as that is an animated app vs. many of the other ones are states.

This is more like multiple times per hour.