Font updates/customizations

This irks me more than it probably should, but I cringe every time it comes up. The “5” in the 4x5 pixel font that the weather forecast uses for temperatures is “upside down.” The upper left corner of the five should be square while the lower right corner should be rounded. Whether the three should be updated to look more like the right half of the eight or the eight should be squared off to look more like the three is more subjective and doesn’t bother me as much, but I’d vote for the three looking more like the eight.

Is there a mechanism to get this font corrected and/or a replacement font dropped in that works better?


Oh, and I’d also like for it to stop raining, but I realize I have to go to a higher power for that.

Yeah, it looks off. When I view the definition in GitHub ( pixlet/CG-pixel-4x5-mono.bdf at main · tidbyt/pixlet · GitHub ) it references being modeled after “CG pixel 4x5” by “vyznev” which I find at CG pixel 4x5 mono | FontStruct . The 5 in the version it was to be modeled after matches what you expect (image snippet below). Looks like the definition in Github could be adjusted to match.

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Hmm. The bitmap defined for the “5” in that font:

Matches the glyph from the modeled font that you referenced, but that’s not what’s displayed in the weather app. Ditto for the “3”.

My bet is that that’s not really the font that the weather app is using.