Flights Nearby

Can anyone walk me through how to get an API Key and apply it to this app? I cannot figure it out. Thanks! Jack

Go to Flight Radar API Documentation (apidojo) | RapidAPI and signup for a free account and subscribe to flight radar api.

After subscribing to flight radar api you should have a default app listed in your Apps area.
Find your api key and copy it, then paste it into your flights nearby app.

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Thank You Very Much!

Set up my Rapid API account and made an app and for the Flight Radar API and pasted in the key, but no luck with it on my Tidbyt or even a preview in the iOS app — just see cloud with a slash through it.

Does anyone have this working?

Are you sure the are fights to be shown?

I’m 5 miles from SFO and can see two planes out my window right now so yes. :slight_smile:

finally got this working btw, thank you

What was the problem ?

Helps to have the flight radar API actually attached to the app key you’re using…