FlightAware Help


Trying to display flights to my family (I’m an airline pilot) so they can track me. I keep adding the flight tracker and get this picture with no flights displaying on the board. I have an API key from Flight Aware and it is entered.
Any idea what could be going on?

That api key you have is for the aero api ? I can do some local testing with your key if you want. I should be able to figure out what’s going on. PM me your api key if you’d like me to test it.

you might want to delete that message so the key is not viewable on public site.

But the key is invalid anyway. here is the error message :
{“title”: “Invalid API key”, “reason”: “INVALID_API_KEY”, “detail”: “Provided API key is not valid”, “status”: 401}

Maybe that key you have is for a different API (no the aero API)

thanks, i got the key here. Ill try adding a new one.