Fix for Outlook with Authenticator

I’ve been trying to connect my Outlook calendar, but to sign in, I need to authorize it via the MS Authenticator app and then the internal browser says I need to be using MS Edge to complete sign-in. Could there be a way to copy the log-in page URL so I can paste it into Safari and complete connection there? Or could a web app to authorize connections via desktop?

cc @Matt for visibility.

I have the same problem. Needs to authenticate with the Microsoft Edge browser, and can’t get the authentication to load there versus with the in app browser.

I’ve wrestled with this problem as well. After some extended discussion with my IT department, I found out that the browser policy is determined by my/your organization’s security policy. In short, Tidbyt itself cannot work around this. A couple of things that you might try: Setting Edge to be your default broswer; Installing your preferred broswer into your MDM managed application store - e.g, MSFT Intune (it will in theory obtain your organization’'s certificate that way). There are a myriad of MDM settings that your organization might use, so I’ve had the best luck consulting my IT department when it comes to MDM (Mobile Device Management) policy.

Recently when I try to authenticate my Tidbyt account via Microsoft

to access my calendar, the internal browser that does this (using iOS) gets into this endless cycle where it’s just stuck here, screen in a rapid refresh.