FitbitWeight App not working


Is the FitbitWeight app working for anyone?
I can’t seem connect my fitbit account with this app.

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Appears to be broken



Still broken. Anyone can fix it?

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Chiming it that as of 12/21/23 this condition still exists. Looks really useful, would love for the developer to fix it.

Confirming that I still have this issue. It’s been broken for over 1 year… This is really frustrating since I bought the tidbyt for this use case. Now I can’t return because it was a refurbished device.

Very disappointed

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I’m also disappointed but yeah it is open source so we shouldn’t hold the original developer accountable.

I recently started playing with developing tidbyt apps, I’m down to give it a crack!

Agreed on open source being good. The problem is that wasn’t clear to me when I bought this device and that the apps I bought the device specifically for wouldn’t be working.

A huge bummer

I had a play around with it locally and managed to get it working locally.
I only came across 2 issues before the app seemed to work perfectly.

Issue #1: The redirect URI Error
To use Fitbit OAuth:

  • You have to create a Fitbit Developer account,
  • In your developer account, Create a new registered app with Fitbit.
    • During this process, the developer will define what the “Redirect URLs” for the app are.

In the authors code comments here:

He states:

I’m not sure what the correct Production callback url value should be, but there is definitely an issue in Production and the app is failing at this step. I also cannot confirm what the author has actually defined in his Fitbit developer account. Basically, we need the redirect URL to be correct + what’s defined in the developer account matches.

But for Local, I did experience the following:

Issue #2: Auth Header - Wrong Format for Bearer Token
This line in the code seems to be passing in the wrong value for the authorization bearer token:

Instead it should be the following (according to Fitbit Docs):


To get things fixed up in Production, I’m not entirely sure where to go from here to be honest.
I think for the time being, this app might be a good candidate to just host locally and push to your tidbyt once daily.

PS: To get it working locally, I signed up for my own Fitbit Developer account.