Firewalls Will Not Allow Tidbyt to Work at Office

I had the same issue as others have had in corporate office environments and college dorms and could not get my Tidbyt to connect to wifi. I called our I.T. department and they came in and genuinely wanted to help get it running. We tried several work arounds, including my work laptop hot spot as well as my work phone hot spot. Because of the extreme firewalls at my work, I will not be able to get on the wifi. The only solution is to bring my own personal hotspot.

I am going to set it up at home instead. Hopefully one day our corporate offices will be able to allow the “internet of things” to become part of our offices at work. Seems like a guest wifi would be the best solution with no connection to the company.

Note that besides firewalls, the corp wifi may have client isolation turned on, which keeps two devices on the network from talking directly to each other. A personal hotspot would indeed be the quickest & most reliable fix.