Faulty Apps & Advertisement Honesty

I would recommend to update the ads that you guys put out. Y’all can’t be advertising something “an app” that just doesn’t work and hasn’t for quite a while. There’s quite a alot of user submitted apps on the Tidbyt store that either don’t work or have too many errors. I would say that it would be a good idea to remove the ones that don’t work to clear space on the store and have them back when they are fixed. Love my Tidbyt but I think quality over quantity should be prioritized in regards to the apps. More official apps would be a plus. No bad feelings, just my feedback


I reached out to the dev and he said it wasn’t easily fixable after some recent changes. It is open source so anybody can go and try to fix it but I do think it’s false advertisement to keep using that ad

To be fair, first party apps also don’t all work properly. For example, Spotify gets stuck on the first song or disappears after it’s done and this has been a known issue since last year with nothing done yet they still use it for their ads

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Oh for sure, it has happened to me many times as well with official apps. I do get the big emphasis on open-source for this product and the importance of it, nothing but respect for folks who go out of their way to better code. However I don’t think that there should be a over-reliance on it, relying too much on third party folks to come in a fill in the gaps. Sadly me and I bet others cant take advantage of that since I have zero coding experience. My overall user experience depends on whats available and expecting functionality from official/third party apps and with that assessing the worth of my purchase.

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