FAA Delays app enter favorite airport

Is there some ‘secret code’ to enter favorite airports into this app? I’ve entered my local airport, which is a major international one both by name and by 3 letter code and it never shows on the list

code seems to indicate if there are no delays to not show anything.

cc @mattb for clarification. if this is the case maybe an option to enable/disable showing if no delays just so the user knows the app itself is working?

Three-letter IATA airport code is the right way to enter it (you can enter multiple separated by commas if you want).

@pineapple is correct that the app does not show airports with no FAA delay programs (and in the Favorites Only mode or on a particularly quiet day, it’s possible for the app to render nothing at all sometimes). This app only shows airports with delay programs (according to this FAA website it pulls from). It’s possible for an airport to have delays without specific delay programs in place.

good to know. may want to make an edit to the app to toggle to show no delays (keep hide as default if desired).

Or at least add something maybe in the description/instructions of the app about it. Just so a user is aware.

Just something in the description that says “shows nothing if no delays” would probably be sufficient.