F1 Updates during race weeks

Any F1 Fans want a F1 Update display. I think would be very cool

My f1 app was published last week just check the app.

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Hey, super awesome that you published that app. Already have it on mine and I am very excited about it. Im a rookie so i apologize for not understanding the coding… Do you know why it does not have a feed/any info?

What do you mean by feed/info?

Looks like the api changed something will have to poke around and fix it

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I’m still seeing it as black too; hopefully whatever poking around you are working on does the trick. I’d love to see this in action!

So what ive found is that it renders just fine on my local machine yet for some reason tidbyt servers sent rendering anything?

Ive sent a message to the devs so that hopefully they can poke around and see if they notice any problems.

My f1 app just shows a black screen

a fix has already been deployed hopefully it goes live soon on tidbyts servers

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