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I have always loved the idea of having a display like this to act as a personal dashboard. I spent years dithering over buying a LaMetric Time but never actually pulled the trigger. I was always put off by the limitations of its small display (particularly the low pixel count), as well as having to pay for extra features like a speaker that I really didn’t want in a device like this.

The Tydbyt is really what I have been looking for, and I am excited to receive mine. Obviously the strength of this device will hinge on the apps that are built for it, so I do hope some time and energy is devoted to creating a robust app store and powerful developer tools.

What programming languages will it support? (I’ve recently taken my first steps at learning Python.)

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Because an API is available you can control your device with almost any programming language. Get good at web requests in python, get yourself a $5/month vps on digital ocean or something and you’ll be ready when your get your Tidbyt. Also this : https://github.com/tidbyt/pixlet


Great tip on using DigitalOcean. That is actually where we host the company development servers. You can also get a server there for free for 2 months: https://try.digitalocean.com/freetrialoffer/

@saltedlolly If you’re starting out with Python, that’ll translate pretty well to Tidbyt apps. We write them in with Pixlet, which @Tavis_Gustafson linked above. The actual language is [Starlark][1], which is effectively Python with a few pieces removed to make it safer & more efficient to host and run. More on that here: https://github.com/tidbyt/pixlet#how-it-works