Entire .webp file loop not publishing to Tidbyt?

I’ve got a custom app I’m running on a raspberry pi that updates every 5 minutes. It creates a .webp file that loops through 3 data points (three ‘screens’) in one image). But for some reason only the first two data points/‘screens’ ever show up on the tidbyt. When I render locally the three ‘screens’ are there but only the first two ever display on the tidbyt.

There’s the .webp I’m pushing to the tidbyt. (Before I changed a data point calculation, so the lightning bolt kWh is now just Watts)

This is a gif of a video I took of it only showing the first two data screens of my .webp file

Any ideas what might be up with it? is there a time length limit on .webp files, which means it gets truncated or something?


This may be a legitimate bug where the last frame is being truncated (I’m seeing something similar), or it may have to do with the cycle time setting.

(This is somewhat speculative) I believe the reason for this is that there is a cycle time which is defined by the Tidbyt app (on your phone) and stored (presumably on the device) which rotates the webp which is displayed at a set interval. Since there are limited settings for cycle time—if the duration of your webp animation surpasses the length of the cycle time, the full animation will not be displayed.

I believe an ideal situation would be to allow users to specify a preferred number of seconds to display an app before cycling. Then, an additional checkbox would exist which would say something like “Allow apps to set their own cycle timing”; setting this checkbox to true, would allow each app to control the amount of time they are displayed before cycling; if no cycle timing is defined by the app, it would fallback to the user’s preference.

Additionally, when only one app is installed, it should not cycle, as doing so resets the animation.

EDIT: After looking closer at your video, it does not seem like the cycle time is a factor here—I’m guessing it’s a bug with the last frame being truncated.

I’ve got the same issue. Using the Animation widget works as expected in the emulator—showing all frames—but pushing to the Tidbyt doesn’t display the last frame (of the rendered .webp).

As a hacky workaround I’m just appending a blank frame to the end. :man_shrugging:

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Okay glad I’m not alone in seeing this behavior. There was always the chance I was doing something dumb :wink:

I’ll try adding a blank frame at the end and see if that resolves the problem for now!

Totally worked. Thanks for the hacky workaround, @JonathanBall!

Just FYI @JonathanBall I think this has been resolved. I started seeing a blank frame a day or two ago and had to remove the blank frame from my code. It’s all good now from my view!