English Premier League + Champion’s League Soccer

The NFL app looks great and I would love to see the same app to follow your favorite EPL team or even champions league team.

Can I also add Scottish soccer or general soccer leagues?


Would love this. Any league would be great!

EPL and MLS please! Feature selected teams as well as cycle through current games!


Love this idea! Champions League please

Premier League, Champions League and MLB please :pray:

Would be good to have all major European leagues (England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France).


Englands top 5 leagues if possible, but 100% to prem and champions league, europa league

Would absolutely love this for Premier league play!

Another vote here for Premier League, Champions League, Europa League! With the World Cup coming up this fall as well, that support would be great, too! Maybe a medal count for the Olympics when those are ongoing.

I would also love some kind of Formula 1 application, be it driver and/or constructor.


Might be possible to pull in all the Soccer scores/tables/schedules from ESPN’s API, since they already have things grouped by sport. And one could even grab other sports while they’re at it.


Would love this too.

I looked into this and it was out of my capability zone - but the best free API seemed to be ((Resultate - Sport - SRF) - full credit this was from a guy who built the LaMetric version of this. It seems to be real time. Would love to be able to use it myself but maybe a smarter person can help this poor Aston Villa fan out :wink:

Would love to see this for a number of global leagues EPL and USL in particular

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Would love to bump this topic. Seems like it would make sense to do the top five leagues in Europe and the Champions League. If I had to choose between one or the other, I’d prioritize the Champions League given it involves more teams and touches more parts of the globe.

I bought my Tidbyt with the hopes that this would be coming down the pipeline in the near future. Hope either the Tidbyt team or the community devs pick this up. Would certainly sell a couple more of these things amongst my friends and co-workers.

Ditto this last post on EPL and top soccer leagues. I really think there is a potential Tidbyt niche market for sports fans looking at this as an old-school Las Vegas-type score ticker … kind of retro but a really cool living or media room accessory.

Absolutely want this. Something like…

When a game is live: score, time, etc
Other times: top left: most recent score, bottom left: next game/date, right side: table showing position of team in standings (three letter team abbreviation and teams placed above and below).

Might not quite fit but could be tweaked.

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