Drive Time App

Hello! Very new to developing and very new to Tidbyt.

I have an idea for a hybrid between a transit time and the OH road sign app that would display current drive time between my tidbyt and an address.

I know theres a way to run this kind of thing through google maps’ API but I have NO idea how to make it.

Heres my mockup:
distance prototype

Both of these locations are driving for me, but i know theres a way to specify transit method (bike, walk, etc.).

Has anyone done ANYTHING like this or have suggestions on how to start? I know HTML, some CSS and some Python.


Hey @alexpopichak, welcome and you’re in luck: an app to track commute times was merged just today! There was an older version of it that used the Google Maps API but the data was a bit too expensive; this alternative will require you to register for a free API key from MapQuest in order to use.

You can read a bit more about the app and how it was built here: New App: Traffic by rgkimball · Pull Request #343 · tidbyt/community · GitHub

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This looks amazing! Well done!! I’ll check it out and read your documentation. Looking through the google API, pricing was a serious concern. Thanks!

So for a non technical person, how do I get this on my Tidbyt?

You can search traffic in the tidbyt app and it should show up

Thanks. Either I’m crazy or It just showed up. I searched last night and it wasn’t there. It is now. Great addition! Love that I can schedule it to only show up in the late afternoon.

It literally got merged and added yesterday so you would not of seen it until last night.

So you’re not going crazy, at least with this :wink:

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