Download default firmware

I am planning on purchasing a Tidbyt soon and hoped to (also) use it for my own software projects and custom esp32 flash binaries. I plan to use or arduino IDE to write new images to the Tidbyt. (I’m presuming I can jump IO 0 and GND to put the ESP32 into download mode?)

Where can I download the default flash binary from, so I can reload back to the factory image it comes with?

Hi @petersem! This was helpful for me: Flashing firmware - #3 by Tavis_Gustafson

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If you’re lucky you won’t have to manually short io0 (ie. the programming circuit will work).
To get the factory image just download it from the tidbyt first thing or after you factory reset it.

Here is my cheat sheet for download/upload :

Backup firmware : -b 230400 read_flash 0x0 0x800000 tidbyt.bin

Restore firmware : write_flash --flash_size detect 0x0 tidbyt.bin
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Don’t you need to specify the port number as well?

e.g. -p COM3 -b 460800 read_flash 0 0x800000 flash_dump.bin

So you didnt have to put it in download mode to be able to run the download with esptool?

Do you know if the factory image is available elsewhere for download? I ask as I’d hate to have a corrupted image downloaded via esptool, then be stuck.

esptool will pick the most likely port if none is specified, but yes you can specify explicitly.

I have two tidbyts. The factory second I have requires manually triggering download mode for any esptool operations, the factory first does not require it.

in regards to the image : I’m sure the support team or someone in the community would give you a factory image ( I would ) if you needed it but I don’t know of a publicly available image provided by tidbyt.

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Thanks mate. I appreciate the advice

I’ve connected the Tidbyt to a pc (USB A-C), then loaded the USB to UART bridge drivers. (as com port was not showing)

Then i ran the command: -b 230400 read_flash 0x0 0x800000 tidbyt.bin

But it now saying the ESP32 is not in download mode.

0000 tidbyt.bin v4.4
Serial port COM3

A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to Espressif device: Wrong boot mode detected (0x13)! The chip needs to be in download mode.
For troubleshooting steps visit:

Any thoughts? (i’d rather not have to open it and jump pins on the esp32)

Here is the firmware image downloaded from the tidbyt immediately after a factory reset