DO not display NYC subway trains arriving before X minutes

This feature request was closed because it was “ignored” for a year. I know that I would purchase MORE Tidbyts as gifts for friends if this simple code change was done. I’m a 7 minute walk from the subway station. I don’t need to see trains I can’t make. Please put this back in the feature request!

Would like to reup this request for all the transit apps - it would make the feature actionable for people.


Someone is adding this function to their subway app, Goodservice


reupping as well please this is a must have!

Need this for Chicago too. I have the same issue being eight minutes from the L.

Great that goodservice put this in, but would love to see this for DC as well.

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This is available now if anyone hasn’t seen it! works great.

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Can this feature please be added to the Washington Metro app for DC? Or could there be a feature added to only display trains going in a particular direction? Both would be ideal!

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