Display Random text from a CSV or XLS Spreadsheet

Hi, I am not sure if something exits for this, but I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of text. If I wanted to display a random cell from this spreadsheet and have it displayed on the Tidbyt is that possible today or would need to be a newly coded app?


There is a csv reader, but I think you’d unfortunately have to copy paste that csv stuff into a.star file, but then you could just display it using render.Text or render.WrappedText

See the following link below and the encoding/csv.star link where the modules are listed. If running locally may be able to just pull in from a file name though. Check the readme or test.star file for this module itself though.

I once tried to make an app that pulled info from Google sheets but holy mackerel Google makes interesting with their api complex so i kinda just gave up hahaha. It is possible though.

@AmillionAir => the trick to using a google sheet for something like this

  1. Make the sheet publically viewable in sharing
  2. In the URL for the sheet, at the end of long/random string add /?format=csv



(the sheet) test_sheet - Google Sheets

(the csv) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yKwcPBZH0mqFgn6MWeJgKCQhJvMZaaqh_jJ0pjNwPb8/export?format=csv

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