Display no longer works

Got my new Tidbyt last week, had it all setup and it worked great. I went into the app yesterday to change something and when I did, the display went blank. I hadn’t even changed any setting yet, either. I power cycled the device and still nothing. It still seems to connect to my iPhone app but the display shows nothing. Any ideas? Thanks.

Do you recall what you changed when the display went blank? Also, would you mind sharing your device ID?

You can get this from the app by going to Settings > General > Get API Key. Just the “device ID” part is enough.

I was only viewing available apps in the “store” of applications. I don’t recall the exact moment it went out because I noticed it after I was browsing.

My device ID is: modishly-endorsing-respected-ruff-bcd

Thanks for the info. I’ve taken a look and don’t see anything obvious from here.

Would you mind emailing [email protected]? We can arrange a replacement device.