Display brightness remaining dim after night mode ends

Ever since the last iOS update of the Tidbyt app, I’ve noticed that when I get up in the morning after 8am, my Tidbyt screen is no longer in night mode, however the screen brightness is still dimmed from night mode. I also have Dim at sunset enabled. I’ve had my Tidbyt since December 2021 and have not had any issues until now with the screen brightness issue after night mode ends. I have dim at sunset enabled. Night mode is set for 10:30pm to 5:59am.

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I am having the exact same issue. If I open the app and turn on “Dim at sunset”, the Tidbyt screen returns to my normal brightness of 15. Then I turn “Dim at sunset” back off.

Repeat the next day.

Ditto. In the morning my display is still dim. Happened for the second time this morning. The previous time was two days ago, though yesterday it was fine. If I manually adjust the brightness, even just a single point, it brings the brightness back up.

I do not have “dim at sunset” turned on but I do have “night mode” turned on.

I keep having this same problem as well. It always worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago or so I think.

Same issue with Tidbyt on Android 1.169.48. Night mode and Dim at Sunset enabled. Manual adjustment of brightness fixes the issue temporarily.

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that we’re aware of this issue and are investigating what’s going on. It’s only affecting some devices and not others and we’re trying to figure out why.


I had the same issue for a while (along with the inverse; the bright setting would last past sunset and the dim setting would last past sunrise).

Literally unplugging the power and plugging it back in fixed it for me.

Unplugging and plugging back in seems to have worked for me also.

I’ve seen this a few times lately.
Disabling/enabling again in the app gets it back in sync.

This is still a problem - pretty much every day.
The brightness doesn’t switch to dim or back to normal.
Any luck figuring out what’s going on?

Just chiming in to say my device is also affected.

Sorry for not getting back - holidays got in the way.
All seems to be back to normal again. Thanks!

Mine started doing the same thing after I had un-plugged it for 1 week while I was away on vacation. Now it’s stuck on dim unless I turn off Night Mode. I already tried removing this device and re-installing the app.