Disable Tidbyt logo screen

I use my Tidbyt for tracking my local train arrivals to know when I need to leave. About every 5 minutes or so the screen switches to the Tidbyt startup animation and cycles twice before going back to the transit app. Is this a bug or an intended feature?

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I think the logo is shown when it’s trying to connect to wifi. Maybe the device is too far from the access point, so it’s constantly having to reconnect. It’s certainly not usual for the logo to show up during normal usage.

It’s sitting right next to the router, but I changed to a different transit app and it hasn’t happened since.

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Which transit app was causing that problem?

CTA “L” Tracker by samshapiro13. Now using Chi L Track which does not have an issue with the Tidbyt splash screen but seems to have its own issues pulling time details.