Device showing only the pushed app


I’m pushing a WebP image (for my pixlet app) in a loop at regular intervals, using the REST API and setting an installation ID. This usually works, but I’ve noticed that the Tidbyt sometimes gets into a state where it’s stuck on showing only the pushed app, and doesn’t rotate between the other installed apps.

I think this happens if the update interval is too short, about 15s. Currently I’m waiting 60s between pushes, and that works just fine.

In all cases, I’m using the same installation ID (confirmed by listing installations).

Hey @marcusb!

When an image is pushed over the API, it’s immediately prioritized for display. If you push at a high enough frequency, your pushed images will keep getting prioritized, effectively blocking everything else from being displayed. I think that’s what you’re experiencing.

Not ideal, but that’s how it works at the moment. We’d like to make this behavior optional, so that pushed installations can be updated whenever, without breaking the regular rotation of apps. Can’t say for sure when we’ll have that done though, so in the meantime it’s probably best to just push slightly less frequently.

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Hi @matslina! That make sense, will stick with 1 minute then. It gets a bit limiting with transit apps where you don’t want the time to drift too much.