Device frequently restarting

My Tidbyt is frequently restarting from the first screen or rebooting
/reconnecting and restarting. It rarely gets through the library of 70 or so apps. Initially I thought it was struggling with having 3 consecutive Amazing screens of different colours as it always restarted from the very first in the sequence rather than progressing to the next screen, so I tried deleting the Amazing screens, but the reboot occurs randomly elsewhere in the sequence, usually after about 30. I just added Strava and it displayed ok when I clicked save in the app, then I moved it mid sequence and as soon as it displayed again the display returned to the very first screen rather than continuing the sequence. I have tried a software and hardware reset, adding all the screens back in. I have tried another power adaptor. The WiFi is strong where it is with no known WiFi or internet issues with any other home devices.

I’m more conscious of the reboots at night as there’s a bright flash as it does this before saying “connecting” but it’s not doing these as often as just randomly restarting from the first screen in the sequence.

Is there a limit to the number of screens - am I over working it?

Is there was way to check the uptime ( I’ve added this to the feature request section)?

Am I experiencing an intermittent hardware issue?

App version is 1.183.32

Any thoughts on what to try next?

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Based on what I’ve read here, the apps aren’t running on your device but on the TidByt servers which send the screen to your device, so I wouldn’t think it has to do with the 70 (wowzer!) you have configured.

When making a change in the phone app, for me it’s been typical the loop restarts again. I’m not sure what you were describing with the Strava app behavior. After the restart, did the next loop go through the whole sequence or reset again when it hit Strava?

When things reset for you going through a loop, is it always the same place or it’s random?

My first guess is an app issue or an an app issue with your specific settings that is resulting in some odd data being sent to the device that triggers it. I’ve had mine for just over a week now and I’m running less than 12 apps in a loop, and I’ve never seen a restart on my end.

Thanks - it restarts at random apps after about 20 plus - there is no consistent pattern as far as I can tell. Maybe I’ve just got too many and it cannot scale up to more than 20 or so depending on which ones are being used and the level of their customisation.

When I’ve made a change to an app and saved it, the display shows that one then carries on in the sequence rather than starting from the first one.

I wonder if an automatic daily reboot would help rather than just sleeping over night - I may try a smart plug for this function.

The device primarily displays the picture/image that is passed to it from the TidByt servers. My guess is something in an image is somehow causing an issue or you happen to have some odd hardware problem. I don’t think the number you have is the root cause thoughI don’t know how all the images are sent, and if at once, maybe that is a factor.

The TidByt folks would know and might respond here.