Destiny Widget

I am a big destiny fan and love that there is a widget that shows us the light level of our characters. However, I cannot figure out how to get the widget to link to my account. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how this is done?

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I believe @Brandontod97 created that app. They may be able to help

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I have been SUMMONED!!!

So we’re going to use the following user as an example: catLover#1234

Your display name is the part of the username before the #. So in this case the display name is: catLover

The display code is the part after the #. So in this case the display code is: 1234

The show ID toggle will scroll your username at the bottom of the app.

Hope that helps!!

@pineapple if you have any feedback or feature requests please let me know!!

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I just got to this work. Thank you for this. Very excited!

Would love to see this get detailed like the discord bots do :slight_smile:

@DarkKnight4u Detailed in what sense?

Weapon specs
Most used weapons
K/D ratio…things like that.

Hmmm alright. I’ll look into allowing the user to display that information! Thanks for the suggestion!

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New to the Tidbyt community but an aged and wrinkled Destiny 2 vet and creator here! Would love to see an app or an addition that shows the weekly rotators for raids, dungeons, crucible etc. Not sure how nitty gritty you’d have to get with the API but glad to see some Guardians here!

Sorry to awaken this from the dead, I can’t get this to work for my account or my fiancee’s but our roommate’s works correctly- it’s not kicking back the invalid key, it just never generates the image and skips right past these. Is there something we’re doing wrong or are our accounts just busted?

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I also have an issue with this app. My bungie ID is “x ScifiGeek x#4278” . Puttin “x ScifiGeek x” into the first field and “4278” in the second one just gives me an “Invalid API or Invalid ID” error. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks so much for your help. I tried it without and with the spaces after/before the “x” withouth success…

Having a destiny app that shows details about the daily rotations like Charlemagne bot can do on discord would be super dope!