Destiny Widget

I am a big destiny fan and love that there is a widget that shows us the light level of our characters. However, I cannot figure out how to get the widget to link to my account. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how this is done?

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I believe @Brandontod97 created that app. They may be able to help

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I have been SUMMONED!!!

So we’re going to use the following user as an example: catLover#1234

Your display name is the part of the username before the #. So in this case the display name is: catLover

The display code is the part after the #. So in this case the display code is: 1234

The show ID toggle will scroll your username at the bottom of the app.

Hope that helps!!

@pineapple if you have any feedback or feature requests please let me know!!

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I just got to this work. Thank you for this. Very excited!

Would love to see this get detailed like the discord bots do :slight_smile:

@DarkKnight4u Detailed in what sense?

Weapon specs
Most used weapons
K/D ratio…things like that.

Hmmm alright. I’ll look into allowing the user to display that information! Thanks for the suggestion!