Desk name tag by Brian Bell

Bottom text keeps reverting to Technology enterprises

I have made edits and saved still no results

I have removed the app and re installed it and im still having these issues

cc @iambrianbell for visibility.

Hi @Zackfc, thanks for reporting this issue. I updated the app a couple of weeks ago to make lines 1 and 2 generic. That may explain the problem happening once when the app updates but not multiple times. Technology/Enterprise are the defaults I set in the app. I’m not sure why you’re settings would get overridden with the defaults. Let me try to reproduce it on my end.

Can you give me the values you are using for lines 1 and 2?

@Zackfc just wanted to send a brief follow up to see if you’re still running into the issue!

@Zackfc wanted to try one last follow-up to see if the problem is still persisting. The Desk Name Tag is running on ~20 Tidbyts in our office properly, and I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue you described so I’m going to hold off on further troubleshooting until you are able to respond.