Design custom messages

It would be amazing to have a desktop app to design and animate content to send to my tidbyt.

You can upload customer images and gifs to your tidbyt. Is that not what your looking for

Not really, I also have a vestaboard, and you an use a digital interface to design your messages, and send them. I would like to play with some design ideas directly within the context of the Tidbyt, and know immediately what it would look like, VS designing something in another program, and then importing to find out what it would look like.

I attached an example of what I am referring to with Vestaboard. I can then send, or schedule a time for the message to send. Which is super fun.

Are you wanting something like vestaboard’s interace or to interact with vestaboard?

There are alot of free pixel art programs online. The Tidbyt dimensions are 64x32. Just design something there and then save and send it to your camera roll!

Then you can easily display it.

This is what I am currently doing, my feature request idea would make this a native app experience. :slight_smile: