Delivery updates from carriers

Delivery updates by linking accounts from UPS, FedEx and maybe USPS.

Easiest way would probably be the tracking numbers, shopify really is by far the best at “sucking in” data from all the major shopping services and giving proper updates to packages.

Would suggest shopify before even bothering with the individual shipping services if their APIs are frustrating to implement. Would not want to have to auto enter a tracking number on the tidbyt app when shopify does it automatically.

I’ve got a working version of a Shipment/Deliveries applet that supports UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL through the Shippo API. More can be supported in the future, but I went with what is most common for my use case.

The applet takes a the following config values: shippo_token, name and tracking_number. The applet will detect the carrier based on the tracking number and perform a lookup using the Shippo API to get the latest tracking information.

The shippo_token is an API access token that you can get when you sign up for a free account - the only caveat being that you have to add a payment method to your account before you can begin using the API. The free usage of the API seems to fit my personal needs just fine.

Here is what it looks like:




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