Defi + NFT Support - ERC20/ERC721 Tokens on Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, etc

Hi there,

One feature that would be great is if we could display current market data for ERC20 (Defi Coins) and/or ERC721 (NFT’s) tokens. This is a little tricky with the increasing different protocols and layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum, but would be an awesome feature!

My thoughts…

  • ERC20 (Defi Coins): We could chose the network they are on whether that is Mainnet or Arbitrum, etc. and could put in the contract address to pull the information. Sites that provide information for Mainnet is obviously Dextools, Arbitrum has,, and Dexscreener.

  • ERC721 (NFT’s): This is a little trickier, particularly with new marketplaces entering the realm. However, a starting point could be to import data from Opensea. This could be displaying top 10 current ranked projects - their volume, floor price, etc. But, also where we could select a particular project or multiple projects either by name or contract address which the same parameters could be displayed.

Thank you for your consideration!

I too would want an NFT ticker (like stocks or crypto display) but rather for NFTs (perhaps leveraging OpenSea data).

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