Days Until.. / Days Since.. Counter

Date counter based on… Days Until - My Birthday, My Anniversary, etc


Days since counter based on… -last Cinema Visit, visited granny, gave up sugar/smoking/weight loss

(the user would set the date-A, date-B, and the widget will calc the difference in the days…)

Would like to see this expanded to include the ability to select other measurement units as well, such as hours, minutes, seconds, months, years, fortnights, …

I love this idea! I’m notoriously bad at keeping track of things that are planned to happen in the future, having a visible countdown would be great. I agree that it would be cool if we could pick how we want that countdown to display and ideally have it linked to a calendar.

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Hi folks!

Just wanted to provide an update here - we launched our Time Until app earlier this month! What do you think?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


Never replied but I had used it and it works nicely! Serves as a gentle nudge/reminder for big events for myself.

I’d really like the option to leave off the hours and just have it say “in X days”

I’m far from savvy on this stuff but the time zone by default is going to Chicago in the .star code. I think it might need to be

timezone = config.get(“timezone”) or “America/Chicago”

Rather than the $tz code that is in there but honestly I am not even sure where config comes from… still trying to figure out how this all works.

I use the app and it’s off by about 6 hours for me (I’m eastern). So makes me think it’s somehow calculating based on utc Or something?

This is great - could you also add a “time since” counter?