Day of week scheduling

Love the ability to schedule each app but adding day of week scheduling would be great! For example I don’t need to see the weekend’s scores all week and would like to be able to select the days that they appear.

You can currently select weekdays only, but not a more finer granularity at this time.

Some of the sports apps also support a setting for Gameday only.

I was just thinking this would be a good option for a lot of apps. Some things I want to see Saturday and not Sunday. Others I’d want to see Monday and not the rest of the week.

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NCAA Football Scores just stopped showing this past Saturday’s scores and started showing next week’s games about 48 hours later on Monday night. Hoping it does the same for NFL Scores here tomorrow but I haven’t had it for long enough.

It’s a start. Would still prefer the option to turn off scores on certain days of the week.

Ditto. I voted for it.